Charitable Allocations Program 2016-2017


DEADLINE: September 28, 2017


The LHAS Allocations/Distributions Committee will review and recommend grant proposals to the LHAS Board of Directors.  To qualify for these financial resources, applicants must meet specific criteria related to the LHAS mission:  LHAS delivers support with compassion for the educational, financial, and health needs of our diverse community.

Awards range from $1,000-25,000.  Grants are not made to individuals, to underwrite salaries, fellowships, or to support capital campaigns.  All applicants are required to submit the completed application along with ten copies to the LHAS office.    We follow the Western PA Grant Application guidelines.  Grants will be awarded by year end.


  • Demonstrated need for funding
  • Number of beneficiaries
  • Project’s contribution to the community in compliance with the LHAS mission
  • Recognition of LHAS in all publicity and material related to the grant
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Sustainability
  • Final evaluation and expenditure reports will be required semi-annually



  1. Complete and submit the LHAS 2016-2017 Community Grant Program Application with attachments as necessary. Download the pdf here
  1. Along with application, you must provide:
  • Copy of current IRS determination letter indicating 501 (c) (3) status
  • Current board-approved annual operating budget, including expense and income
  • Most recently audited annual financial statement
  • List of other contributors, potential donors, and amount committed or requested, including public funds, individual contributions, or other sources of income supporting the project
  • A maximum of two letters of support (optional) from cooperating/sponsoring department, hospitals, and/or agencies
  1. For programs or projects previously funded by LHAS, also submit the following:
  • Name of project or program
  • Years funded
  • Monies received from LHAS
  • Specific use of LHAS funds

LHAS reserves the right to contact finalists to present their requests in person and to perform site visits